the alpha project

The next step in human evolution.


We are a collaboration of biohackers, scientists, and health professionals coming together to produce the most advanced nootropic formulas for complete human optimisation.

Discover your ultimate self.


Become the smartest person in the room with our advanced nootropic formula for complete brain optimisation.

ALpha sleep

Wake up more refreshed and rejuvenated with the first supplement to ENHANCE healthy natural sleep. Increase daily energy levels and neural regeneration.

The Antidote

Work hard, play hard. The myth of the hangover cure debunked by advanced neuroscience. Say hello to Sunday night fun again.

Advanced Neuroscience

From years of collaborating, testing and formulating we have held advanced neuroscience at the core of our business to develop the human brain and advance human evolution.

Research-backed Ingredients

All of our ingredients are selected based on the strong empirical data from double-blind placebo clinical trials for their role in the formulation and their known safety.


Never felt so clear minded. I'm so relaxed and focused in the game, always just feel a step ahead.. The energy and confidence that stems from this is just unreal

Mickey Neil, FC National Premier League Player

After taking this I feel like the person I want to be, just carpe dieming life- Tons of energy throughout the day and laser focused. 

Elijah Bagnall, Student at University of New South Wales

Through constant research and development, testing and innovation, we are pioneering human longevity and cognitive enhancement for the next step in human evolution.