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The Ultimate Longevity Formula.

At Alpha Mind Labs we have spent 2 years formulating and sourcing only the most potent, well-studied and clinical trial-backed compounds combined with the most synergetic composition to product the most advanced nootropic supplement for brain optimisation.

All our compounds have received clinical trials in double-blind placebo tests and rigorous quality assurance testing to establish safety and efficacy before formulation.

Produced in our state of the art FDA approved laboratory in the USA with GMP, ASI and USDA certification, all compounds are third party tested, heavy metal tested and go through rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Your evolved brain.

Your brain is more powerful than a super-computer

The human brain is the most complex system in the known universe. Fuel your brain with the needed neuro-vitamins, nootropic compunds, antioxidants, adaptogens and choline sources to enhance your brain's natural upregulation of neurotansmitters and support critical neural pathways for optimal brain output.

A scientific approach.

Scientific Community and Approach

Our network of scientists and health professionals across various health industries including neuroscience, organic chemistry, PhD and MD advisors collaborate on product creating, formulation and testing.

Research-backed premium ingredients

All of our ingredients are selected based on the strong empirical data from double-blind placebo clinical trials for their role in the formulation and their known safety.


"This is what I imagine the Limitless pill to feel like honestly. I am just SWITCHED ON. All my words come easy, I feel like my brain is working so much faster than everyone else, I feel more charismatic and confident too. 

Cameron Russo, Graphic Designer

"Never felt so clear minded. I'm so relaxed and focused in the game, always just feel a step ahead.. The energy and confidence that stems from this is just unreal."

Mickey Neil, FC National Premier League Player

Long-term neural health

All products are developed for long term brain health and neural regeneration.
Awesome or your money back.

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